Pot Size 12cm

Height 27cm

Centella asiatica or 'Lucky Leaves'


The Centella occurs naturally in southeast Asia.

Other names: Lucky Plant, Gotu kola.

Centella asiatica would like to have a drink of water every day.

Put the plant in a light spot, but not in full sun. 
The optimum temperature is between 18-25 ° C.



If after some time there is a part that becomes too large, it can be cut to just above the ground and the plant will then automatically run out again.


Medicinal herb:

The Centella has been used in Indian medicine for more than 3,000 years for its medicinal properties. It may well be considered the most medicinal plant in Southeast Asia. 
Soothing the skin and reducing scars is what the extracts are most commonly used for. However, we advise you not to consume this plant, as it has not been proven that eating the Centella has the same effect. The plant can also cause side effects if it is not consumed in the right way.


Centella Asiatica - Lucky Plant




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