Pot size 9cm

Height 25cm


PRO TIP: Dieffenbachia have a toxic sap that can cause the tongue to swell, giving the plant its nickname, “Dumb Cane”.

Keep out of reach of pets and children, and wash your hands after pruning.

The Dieffenbachia is a lush and showy plant from the tropics of Mexico, South America, and the West Indies. Often called “Dumb Cane” due to its toxic sap that causes irritation when ingested, this plant is not ideal for a space with small children or curious pets. However, with a small amount of caution it poses no significant threat.

This plant will thrive in a spot that receives bright ambient light, but direct sun will scorch the leaves. Some varieties can tolerate medium light conditions, especially those with darker leaves. 

Dieffenbachia Compacta




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