Picture a rainbow; a cascade of colour and pattern in a beautiful and intricately decorated frame. This mirror is hand painted using a mehandi style technique, similar to the type traditionally used for brides’ hands and feet in henna, except in this case, it is an explosive spectrum. 

  • Handmade

  • Fairly traded

  • A rainbow of colour

  • Inspires indulgence


Measurements - W:30cm D:2cm H:60cm


Who made it...

The manufacturer of this product employs thirty-eight people, both men and women, some of whom work from home so they can continue their family duties. Each item is hand painted using skills that have been passed on by generations, in an area celebrated for its wood work skills and painting expertise. Staff receive benefits in addition to the statutory wage. The company has social programmes in the local community.

Highly Decorative Arched Wooden Mirror with Mehandi Work