This Monstera Kokedama is a handcrafted piece of art which is made using natrually bio-degradable materials. The Swiss cheese plant, Monstera adansonii, gets its name from its large, heart-shaped leaves, which as it ages, become covered with holes that resemble Swiss cheese. The Monstera Plant is one of the best air purifiers and a very hardy plant. It is an awesome addition to purify your indoor air. Kokedama can grow in the same moss ball for many years if taken care

What is a Kokedama?

A Japanese concept of garden, Kokedama translates to “Moss Ball”.

Also called String Gardens, it’s one of the most beautiful ways to create a vertical garden.

Ideal for small spaces, they are great as table-top arrangements at home garden, indoors or outdoors, or as office table top arrangements.

These eco-friendly handmade artifacts are container free and plastic free. No mud spills, no mess, Kokedama are clean, green and easy to manage and maintain.

Kokedama has enough moss and organic medium inside it to sustain and grow and flourish for many years. When it totally overgrows it can be pruned or re-introduced into a container, or redone into a new Moss Ball.

Caring For Your Kokedama

  • Water by immersing the moss ball in water till it bubbles and absorbs water or by stream-spraying in the center and Moss Ball.
  • Water only when the moss ball (outer covering) feels dry, and moss ball feels light.
  • Drain excess water before placing it back.
  • Succulent Kokedama requires less water. Do not wet the leaves of succulents.
  • Kokedama can be kept outdoors or indoors based on variety. A well-lit place and good air circulation is essential. Sunlight inside your home is a bonus.


  • Do not keep the Kokedama always wet/moist on the outer layer.
  • Do not let the Kokedama sit in a puddle of water for a long time.

Kokedama Monstera




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